Wells Gardner 19K7201 Cap Kit (P757-D)

Well, we ended up buying our cap kit from WG because we couldn’t find a list of capacitors needed for the 19K7201 Deflection Board. In case anyone else is looking for a list, I thought I’d share what came in our kit. There are a couple revisions for the K7200 series boards, you should make sure this is the right one for you before ordering anything. If you find any errors or have any comments on the list, leave a comment so I can keep this as accurate as possible.

Here it goes:

Location Item Number Description Quantity
C42 045X0560-006 1000 UFD @ 16V 1
C45 045X0560-020 470 UFD @ 16V 1
C40 045X0560-033 2200 UFD @ 35V 1
C101 045X0560-052 100 UFD @ 160V 1
C57 045X0560-052 100 UFD @ 160V 1
C12, C18, C22 045X0560-514 1.0 UFD @ 50V 3
C13, C20, C21 045X0560-518 10 UFD @ 25V 3
C015 045X0560-532 100 UFD @ 63V 1
C48 045X0560-532 100 UFD @ 63V 1
*C50 045X0560-042 680 UFD @ 35V 105DEG 1
C011 045X0560-060 22 UFD @ 35V 105DEG 1
C80 045X0560-504 100 UFD @ 16V 1
*C204 045X0566-004 4.7 UF @ 160V 1

* The kit came with a 50V capacitor, but higher voltage capacitors won’t cause any issues so I’m guessing we just got what was more readily available.
** This capacitor is on the neckboard only, and can vary if your neckboard isn’t the matching one for a 19K7201. (This was the case for ours)

Hope this was helpful!

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