Linux Development

Yes, I am a big fan of Linux and in general, of Open Source software. As you will see by browsing my site, most of the software I have listed here I also provide the source code for. The content of this particular page has been targeted specifically for the Linux environment. Some of the stuff might be very easy to port to Windows but I don't really have a use for it there so I haven't really taken the time to try. Now that I'm putting it all on the web, if you see something you'd like on Windows let me know and I'll look into it. And though I'd like to say I write code not specific to one version of Unix/Linux, there may be bugs. If you find one, let me know.

Greyscale Image Colorizer
imgcolor is a command line utility I wrote while thinking out the first design for my webpage. I wanted to let the user customize the appearance of my webpage to an extreme new level. Basically, imgcolor takes a greyscale image (JPEG, PNG, or XBM) and adds color to it based on the darkness of the pixels. The program could also be used to convert a greyscale image to another format if used correctly as well. I used the GD graphics library (available at because it supported the file formats I needed and was very easy to learn. You'll need version 1.8.3 or higher (I've tested through version 1.8.4) in order to compile/use the imgcolor utility. Here are some pertinent links if you're interested:

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